Frequently Asked Questions

How are the roads in winter? Call +33 (0) 3 29 43 00 58 or Snow or snow tires are more than recommended in winter in mountain areas

Do I have to book? no, the park / rental and the restaurant operate without reservation

How are the ski lessons going? at wiidoo, the instructors do 1 hour private lessons by reservation follow this link: ski area

Is the helmet compulsory? yes for under 16s in the large park

Can I take a bicycle helmet? we tolerate bicycle helmets that protect the head and are closed (no helmets with holes) but we do not recommend it

Can I take my equipment (helmet, sledge, ski, etc.)? yes, personal equipment is accepted (attention sledge with brakes compulsory large park, wooden sledging prohibited)

Do I have to take a starter if I only come with my children? yes because in wiidoo there is no accompanying adult but only active adults participating in activities to share family adventures

Do I have to take a starter if I don’t do anything? yes because in wiidoo there are no adults who do nothing but only active adults participating in activities to share family adventuresring
Do you accept holiday vouchers? Yes but we do not give change on them.
I have a pass from another area, can I ski at your place? Packages from other domains are not valid at wiidoo
I do not have ski clothes, can I do the activities offered in the park? Yes you can. However, it is advisable to be equipped to make the most of the activities offered. A wiidoo can rent you clothes for children and adults as well as snow boots follow this link: equipment rental

Do you have toilets in the park? yes we have toilets available to customers, we also have changing tables

Can we have a picnic on the estate with the family? yes in all green spaces and terrace facing the lake in summer. In winter you can take your picnic on the terrace facing the lake and in a heated room from 11am to 12pm depending on availability (ask at the restaurant reception).

Can we leave the park and then come back during the day? Yes it is possible. In summer you wear a bracelet on your wrist. In winter, be careful of changing clothes because the entry ticket is attached to the jacket

Do you offer family or group rates? We have a Tribe formula for 5 people or more (whatever the age, your relationships, your level) winter 2020 large park rate. We also have group rates for leisure centers or associations but only on estimate and reservation in advance (

I lost my personal belongings in the park where can I contact? During the day if an object is found, it is brought back to the cashier or to the bar.

My child got lost on the domain, what should I do? The entire park team is equipped with radio for communication, so you can ask park staff to sound an alert.

Are there means of public transport to go to your leisure park? Yes there are free shuttles but only to the city of LA BRESSE in winter to consult on the website of the tourist office of Bresse in the section: the village-> location / access -> winter bus

Do you accept dogs? No we do not accept animals in our park

What payment method do you accept? Credit card, ANCV and cash (we are not affiliated with restaurant checks, cezam, zap card, etc.) Do you grant student discounts? We do not have reductions but a tribe offer for 5 people.

Are there activities for teens and adults? The park is the kingdom of families, it is equipped to make all activities fun and for all ages. There are therefore activities for teenagers as well as adults (mainly off-road and xraycer scooters in summer, snacks and buoys in winter)

Can I leave my child alone in the park? No, adults (parents …) are responsible for the children they take to the park

Do you have a subscription card? There is a loyalty card to request at the cash desk (NOT CUMULABLE)