Sledding slope


Wiidoo likes to slide on snow and makes you enjoy its sledding slopes. In Wiidoo Gliss park, you can sled and go up the slope effortlessly thanks to the carpet lift.
2 sledding slopes are available :

  • A 140 m groomed slope  : the longest slope in the Vosges mountains.
  • (sled with brakes compulsory)  This slope is open to children from 2 years old and above. Between 3 and 8 y.o children must ride the sled with an adult.
  • (NB : children under 5 y.o must be accompanied by an adult on the carpet lift)
  • A mini low slope, secured and dedicated to small children (from 24 months old).

If you don’t have your own sled, you can rent one on site (check our rental web page for more information)

If you have your own sled with brakes you can use it in Wiidoo Gliss park (if your sled is not considered suitable the staff reserve the right to forbid its use inside the park)

For safety reasons and for your comfort the use of a helmet is compulsory for children under the age of 16. Parents are responsible for their children.

The traditional sled

For small children or traditional sliding lovers, plastic sleds (for one or two persons) are available for rent.

luge girouetteThe yooner

Slide easily down the slopes and feel more thrilling and surprising sensations without any training with the yooner! The yooner is playful and easy to use. Its total control can be acquired after only one try.

The yooner is light, easy to handle and equipped with a shock absorber for your comfort, and with a ski-like shape skate allowing you to take short curves.

snake glissThe Snake Gliss

Group-based and playful activity, you can use the snake gliss on Wiidoo Gliss park slopes. Put together on a removable axis the sleds form one only and unique train.

Thanks to the axis the snake will be able to execute sharp turns and will make you feel unique sensations. The snake gliss is a very appealing concept! While seating in your sled, your two feet will be placed in the sled before you. Hence several sleds are becoming one sled on which everyone will have to participate so that the ripple will be fluid !

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