Summer luge / buoy

Sliding to share with family without moderation


One big tube, one nice slope, one carpet lift and above all the joy to be together with your family. Are you ready to have fun?

You take the carpet lift to access the tubing starting point. Let’s go! You face the slope. You seat alone in the big tube and the only thing you can do is laugh and appreciate the moment. You are going to slide down the slope and to feel great sliding sensations until you reach the finish area. Indeed once in your tube you have nothing to do but to let you slide down this big toboggan with chicane and banked turn. Get the thrills and be ready for a hair-raising experience ! Your tube will stop automatically thanks to the slope profile ! All you can do now is sliding down again and again.

You are going to love this very playful family activity at Wiidoo Gliss leisure park located in the city of La Bresse.

New in 2017 ! The short slope will be widened so that you can have more fun with your family !!


3 slopes are accessible depending on your age:

Mini tube (20m long) : from the age of 2 onwards

Mid-length slope (100m long) : from the age of 3 onwards

Long slope (140m long) : from the age of 4 onwards

NB: Wearing closed shoes is recommended on the carpet lift




Les conditions météo peuvent amener la direction a fermé une piste pour raisons de sécurité ( aucun remboursement ne sera effectué)